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Benoit Lavoie Luthier

Art and science at the crossroad

Accueil et instruments: Bienvenue


I mainly make "flat top" and "archtop" guitars, but sometimes also baritone guitars,  violins, cellos and basses.

My guitars are recongnized for their  bass response  frequency (rarely equaled), which gives them a balance beyond  common, as well as for the distinction of the notes and the generous harmonic richness of their sound. 


Whether you play in standard tuning or alternate tuning, every parameter of your instrument will be adjusted  to get  the best acoustic performance.


Purchases and orders

Some instruments are available at my workshop in Petit-Saguenay or at my few distributors, including Rudy's guitars shop NY, but most of my customers contact me directly. Each instrument is hand made. 

To place an order or define your project, write to me by email or via Facebook. I will contact you to determine your needs and the specifics of the instrument you want. 

Unlike other luthiers, I don't have a predefined model. This can be destabilizing for the buyer, but rest assured, I will accompany you throughout  your reflection  to be certain that your instrument fully meets all your needs.

Contact details

55 Dumas Street, Petit-Saguenay, Quebec

418 272-1755

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