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About me

Luthier in his corner of the country

Instrument making is both an art and a science, and my work lies at the convergence of these two fields. 


Since my beginnings as a luthier, I have sought to perfect the art of the greatest luthiers, past and present.  I have thus created my own instrument designs, giving great importance to sound, both in terms of balance and power, and this,  based on the science of acoustic engineering. 
Already very young, I was fascinated by wood and the nobility of manual work. As an adult, I realized that the villages needed people to believe in them in order to survive. 


After studying violin making, I therefore chose to live in my home town, far from major centers, in order to contribute to the vitality of my community.

For more than 20  years now, I design instruments in my workshop in Petit-Saguenay. I make guitars, mainly, which are now found in different cities in Canada, the United States, Asia and some countries in Europe.  


I see each of my instruments as a unique creation  which deserves time and rigour. Bold combinations of wood species as well as classic aesthetics are highlighted by simple and delicate ornamentation carried out with great meticulousness. 

I use various types of wood such as ziricote,  rosewood or European spruce, but I also give a prominent place to yellow birch, a wood from over here, whose acoustic properties are remarkable.  I also own a land on which I carefully select the trees that will ultimately give birth to certain parts of my instruments.

In addition to their aesthetics, the instruments I make offer musicians an incomparable sound both in terms of balance and power.

Moreover, the quality and constancy of the sound of my instruments result of acoustic analysis  that I developed in partnership with a specialized company.

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